Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Written in My Heart's Own Blood

17736820Continuing the Outlander saga, readers follow Gabaldon's beloved characters through revolutionary Philadelphia. As Jamie makes a dramatic return to Claire's side, a new army sweeps the city, and romance and violence brew. Another enthralling novel of imagination, time travel and adventure in the riveting epic that began more than twenty years ago.

My Thoughts on the Book

I think this has been the happiest I have been with the ending of a book from this series since Voyager. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed all of Diana Gabaldon Outlander books; the first 3 will always be my favorites though but Written in My Own Heart's Blood is at the top of the list too. While this book had a lot of story lines in them enough of them crossed that I did not feel I was missing characters too often. While I will always want more Jamie and Claire time this book had a better balance of other story lines then past books. I was also very very happy with the ending, a lot of story lines were tied up nicely and I can happily say no cliff hangers! Maybe a small ledge as there are still issues to be resolved but no cliff this time.

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