Monday, March 31, 2014

Tame This

18072442TAME THIS continues with Jay’s story, a rebel of his own sort with the need for freedom and unfiltered opinions. His days of unruly behavior and risky decisions have dealt him a hand that he’s still trying to overcome as he seeks to accomplish his business dreams.

But the hits keep adding up. His best friend is knocked up by an ex that won’t back off, a family member drops in unexpectedly and questions need answered, and the easier aspects in life are suddenly being tested beyond his control.

When ultimate tragedy wreaks havoc on his life, it sends Jay over the edge. He can’t seem to manage the simple things anymore and he reverts back to his old ways of shutting people out and living carelessly. He loses everything he’s gained so far—everything that he didn’t know he wanted—all in one ugly weekend.

There is only one thing that can really save him from complete ruins, and this time it might not be so easily at his disposal. And then there is that damn McCallan pride that automatically resists help at every turn. It just may be the very thing that causes him to lose everything for good…

 My Thoughts on the Book

4.5 stars This  is the second book in the McCallan series and I liked it just as much as the first if not now.  This is Jay's story and he was a great friend, cousin and comic relief in the first book but is all of that and someone trying to find himself, forgive himself and maybe even admit he has fallen in love.  He and Melanie are great together, she know just how to handle him and it was fun to watch, no games but just a joy to see those two together.  They were a couple before they were a couple and it was fun to see Jay admit it. 

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