Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Only This

22849969When you’re the new guy in a family of heavy hitters, life doesn’t always seem to be in your control. Tyse McCallan proceeds with caution, even though his arrival has been accepted—for the most part—positively. Of course the media has taken special interest in him, but Tyse wants no part in the fame game. He spends his time with family members that share his same approach to life while focusing on running a new recording studio.

Lucky for him, he’s also got a gorgeous business neighbor a few doors down. Sarah Douglas is smart, witty, and sweet, but she suddenly develops a very strong aversion to him. Tyse knows it has to do with discovering his last name, but he’s determined to change her opinion of him.

Tyse has always fought through his hardships and come out on top, believing you should always forgive quickly and move forward. This time his beliefs are fully challenged, and now he has to trudge through McCallan secrets that could make him question why he came looking for his family in the first place…

My Thoughts on the Book

 3.75 Stars for me. I enjoyed to book but it lacked the charm of the first two.  It greatly improved in the last few chapters but the book was a bit too introspective for me.  I missed the humor and the banter that the first two had for me.  The characters were wonderful but the charmed that was there for the main characters was forced until the end.  Still a great book in the series and a series I will continue to read. 

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