Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Run with a Naked Werewolf

17339558Caleb Graham is a werewolf by nature, a tracker by profession. He uses his “extra gifts” to find people, and not always in the most legal or ethical manner. He doesn’t care what they’ve done, or who wants them found, as long as his considerable fee is paid. He likes his life simple and uncomplicated.

Anna Moder, former physician to Caleb’s pack, happens across Caleb during a particularly violent “negotiation” that has left him bloodied and unconscious. She helps him, despite the fact that he’s cost her a car, so he insists that she stay with him on the road for a while. As they grow closer, Anna looks past the gruff exterior and and the questionable job to thoroughly decent werewolf underneath.

Anna – who is careful to edit her involvement with Caleb’s pack from their conversations – doesn’t talk about why a nice girl wants to live in the middle of frozen nowhere, but she’s obviously on the run from something. When Anna’s past collides with Caleb’s current assignment from one of his sleazier contacts, Caleb finally has to make a choice—protect his job…or his potential mate?

My Thoughts on the Book

 Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I really loved this story and was so happy to be back in the Naked Werewolf world. This book is sweet and fun but not quite an humorous as the first two. This is more of a sleeping with the enemy meets Werewolf story but still original and very worth reading. We have some funny moments and I loved them all especially during the last few chapters. The ending was great but left a few things unsettled and I would have loved more things tied up( only because I loved the characters so much I wanted more); but it is a great read and perfect for all of the Molly Harper fans and enough of a stand alone that it can easily be your first Naked Werewolf book to read if need be. But I still suggest reading How to Flirt with a Naked werewolf first.  I listen to books  I love so I can read new books but still enjoy books I have read before and I have listened to "Flirt" more times then I can count, it is one of my go to audio books.

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